#4: Segmen Suai Kenal Bloggers Seluruh Malaysia

November 29, 2017

I was managing my bloglist when I found out about this segment and looking to what it has to offer, why not giving a shot..? First of all, thank you sis Sofinah for organizing this amazing segment.. 


My first baby, "Chapters" is the platform for me to rant on my life and it's the place of escapism for my thoughts.. Some contains leisure, and most of the of time, it's filled with mixed up emotions either in my realization or not.. It's my drugs to heal my emotions, therefore, I avoid by my best for not mixing up this emotions with random GA and Segment.. Thinking of how I should support other blogger, I decided to create another blog only to support our fellow blogger, as an alter-ego of "Chapters". "Random Chapters" manage to be created.. 

Going around with the nickname "Flavnesz", my actual name is Razanah Anis.. A blogger since 2010, I stopped writing for some years due to "heart-broken" reason. I've been taking some healing moment since then, only till 22nd November 2016, I decided to just write back.. I removed the unwanted memories for a fresh breath of my blog and Alhamdulillah, it's still breathing till now... 31 August 2017 remarks a new journey for me as a blogger, since I decided to step out of my comfort-zone of being a blogspot blogger to a domain blogger to www.razanahanis.com, and due to this, I should not stop writing, just to ensure that it would keep breathing..

Graduated for Diploma in TESL recently, I would be furthering my studies soon, taking "Bachelor in Applied English Studies".. I am hoping that I could be a lecturer and hopefully, would writing in this platform in the future.. 

Being a pet-lover, I'm obsessed with my 6 cats; Dodi, Oyen, Kitty, Gendut, Pororo and Crong and it's my hobby to cuddle and disturb their calm life.. Oh..! And being a Mashu to 5 nephew and niece, I love to disturb their life as well.. So I guess, it's my hobby to annoy people and cats...😝

I'm not sure what else to write, so I guess I could just stop here.. Till then,❤

Untuk menyertai Segmen ini,

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